Monday, April 25, 2011

Again on the behavior at school or about the value system

   Why am I writing about this again?
   Some parents do not pay attention to the rude behavior of their children. Socially unacceptable actions of their children are repeated and become a habit. Such children become rude and arrogant people. Luckily, there aren’t many parents like that.
   In my experience, most parents take children's outbursts too dramatically and punish them too strictly fearing they would become people such as I described in the preceding paragraph. If the children were provoked by something and reacted inappropriately, severe punishment creates defiance and they don't see realize their error, but feel misunderstood and probably are likely to react in a similar manner next time.

Monday, April 18, 2011


    The most important part of the day in a child’s life is play time. The game is a natural, instinctive activity which combines learning and satisfaction. Even as a baby, the child begins to learn to commit to people, to build trust and to understand basic emotions. In the first two years, a baby discovers its body and learn to control it (in the first months, coordination between eye and hand is developing). While playing, the child remembers and recognizes shapes, notices the differences between them.
      Later, children play pretend games, role-play games, through which they develop language and relationships with other children, and prefer toys that resemble the objects used in everyday life-cooking equipment, tools, irons, dolls and action heroes. It’s the time when they enjoy active playing in nature, swings, slides and climbers. They are developing logic and memory, and you can play, with them games of memory, dominoes, matching pictures game...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Which faculty/high school do I choose?

   This is a question which we hear most often these days. The final year pupils of elementary and high schools are facing one of the most important decisions in life: the choice of future occupation. Parents are the most valuable advisers to their children and should be well aware of the importance of this choice.
  Most parents often believe that the children should think about the choice of occupation only at the end of primary school, which is wrong. Preparing for career starts from the moment when the child starts to play and can be divided into three phases:
- Preparation phase
- Counseling phase
- Monitoring of the results in the school of choice

Monday, April 4, 2011

Behaviour at school

  The basic principles I imposed to my children regarding school were:
School rules must be respected!
School work must be carried out!
   It was not always easy to follow those principles. Some rules were inadequate, some teachers did not respect the rules while dealing with children, and often, my children did not respect those rules.
   Fortunately, there were no rules that went against the children. The behavior regulations concerning teachers and children were, as always, there to provide stable working conditions and to help in achieving the best results.
   We interpreted the rules in our own way, and so did the teachers. Most of the teachers had the correct interpretation, but some of them acted inconsistently, sometimes wrongly and very harmfully for the pupils. In those cases, I would always warn the class parents about the possible consequences and propose possible solutions. About how it would turn out you read in the post titled Parental meeting also known as Dance of the Vampires.