Sunday, December 11, 2011

Parents need to know what's going on at school

Parent involvement in the education system, more specifically in your own child’s education is extremely important. Not only does it show the teacher that you are willing to help and do what it takes to help your child succeed, it also shows the child that you love them enough to take the time to be involved in an important and very big part of their daily life. There are many reasons for why you need to know how your child’s doing in school:
1.How they do in school can affect their behavior in other aspects of their life
2.Sometimes teachers are aware and catch things that parents might miss
3.Helping them at home is directly related to how what they do during the day
4.It shows your child that you care about what they’re doing

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Let us Show Understanding for the Worries of Our Teenagers

The teen years are full of fun and freedom. As kids go from pre-teens to teens, they become excited to start high school, make new lasting friendships, learn to drive, and prepare for college.
However, there are many things that teens worry about as well. The following are some common teen problems that make them worry:

Peers and Fitting In
This is perhaps the most important, stress-inducing factor of the teen years. Fitting in and being socially accepted is important for most teens. In fact, many teens who are ousted or picked on in the high school years carry the emotional scars as result for many years. Where to eat lunch, who to hang out with, being accepted, and having friends are all common worries for teens.
Not only do teens want to fit in with their school, they want to fit in within their own peer groups as well. Even among friends (this is particularly true for girls), cliques can form and teens can be outcasts in their own groups as well. This is a common worry for teens.