Sunday, June 17, 2012

Motivating a child with rewards!

Did you ever 'bribe' your child when he couldn't finish his meal with a promise of a caddy to get him to finish his meal? Don't you agree a child should be taught to understand finishing his meal is to help them grow up healthily? Therefore, it is their 'duty' to do their job and should not be rewarded. Or, did you reward your child when he achieves better results on his report card? Don't you think that's their 'duty' too? While you may choose to reward your child for high marks, have you ever used it to reward progress, particularly for those children who have difficulty achieving "A"s and "B"s ? We all agree we need to reward our children. However, the extent and the forms of reward are a tricky question.

Reward is a quick-fix solution. It offers instant and safe gratification and is sure to please and satisfy. The returns of reward are certainly quick but are they effective in the child's psychological development? Buying things for children does not teach them values. Even materially rewarding positive behavior is a limited motivating force.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A child who is loved and disciplined is a child who is fortified to survive and succeed in our world

Problems related to poor discipline are on the rise in this country. For many reasons, some of today’s parents have become discipline slackers - perhaps too tired to instill good habits or too busy to stand up to their youngster’s bad behavior. Is it because lenient moms and dads are trying to make up for time they do not have with their children? Are parents reading every possible book on the subject and then following trendy ideas about parenting rather than relying on common sense?

There seems to be a great misunderstanding about those four old-fashioned words, "Because I said so!" Some child raising specialists consider them repressive and potentially damaging. Other experts have convinced parents that the psychologically healthy family is a democracy. This sounds good. In fact, it sounds great!- The only problem is that it is pure fiction! Someone has to have the final say in any family and that someone should be an adult. Turn a family over to a child and that family is in trouble!