Saturday, October 29, 2011

Children in a world of constant advertising and spending

What does it mean to be a consumer in today’s culture? Being both frugal and conscious has become a sign of the times, and kids are exposed, more than ever, to ways to save money, shop wisely, and conserve food and materials.
As a parent, you have a primary role of showing your child what it means to be a consumer in a world of constant advertising and spending. How can you promote a lifestyle that isn't reliant on buying and spending? And, for older children, what types of skills are needed to think critically and independently as a consumer?

What Parents Can Do­?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Low self-esteem and lack of confidence

About self-esteem and confidence                                                                      
 Self-esteem is a way a person feels about themselves.  Everyone has it in different degrees.  A person with high/positive self-esteem generally feels good about themselves and feels they have a lot to offer.  A person with low or poor self-esteem generally feels worthless and that they have little to contribute.  Without positive self-esteem it is highly unlikely that a person would have a full, happy and productive life.  The development of feelings of self-esteem starts very early in life.  For example, when a child learns to walk or talk they feel a sense of having achieved something. Praise and encouragement at this point from parents, or people important in their life, boosts the positive feelings they have about themselves and encourages the child to go on achieving. Achievement in itself is not enough.  Love, praise and encouragement are essential elements in helping a child develop a positive self-esteem.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The importance of volunteering in the development of children

Importance of Children Serving as Volunteers
Everyone benefits from children serving as volunteers. There are several advantageous factors that children can receive and contribute to recipient organizations and to society by serving as volunteers. Volunteer projects have the potential of dramatically making a difference in the lives of their young participants. The importance of children as volunteers include the following; promotes healthy lifestyle and choices, enhances development, teaches life skills, improves the community, and encourages a lifelong service ethic.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stubborn child

When one becomes a parent besides happiness there are many challenges also. It is like signing a contract that allows for some 21 years of parenting issues. There is clash of desires begins that lasts throughout childhood and the teen years.
Children Are Simply Born with Mind of Their Own. Some children are more stubborn than others. All children display stubborn behavior at some time or the other. Stubbornness can have a range of causes. It may vary from unreasonable fears to resistance to change. Sometimes it becomes very embarrassing situation at some occasions. At that, time parents react with anger, as they feel that their child's behavior is a challenge to their authority. However, they do not realize that anger only adds fuel to the fire.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Everyone can learn mathematics!

Here are some important things to remember when learning mathematics (known as math or maths for short). Learning mathematics is like learning another language, so at first it will be hard but it will get progressively easier. A lot of concepts in mathematics are inter-related, so knowing one helps you understand many others. Being frustrated is not a problem, it is a natural part of the learning process, so don't give up. You can do it!
1.      Create learning time. Make sure you have at least an hour at least every day in a week to dedicate to learning mathematics.