Saturday, February 26, 2011


Although I love animals, I was against keeping dogs and cats in the home, for several reasons, mostly hygiene.
One day, my children, who were 14 and 15 years old at the time, brought home a puppy.  They found it in the building entrance. It was obvious that the pug had come into the world a few hours ago, it was helpless, it was cold outside and I could not refuse its entering our family.
First, we defined responsibilities. Their obligation was to walk dog, and I took care of the food.
Thus, the pet’s arrival to our house became a very useful educational process. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Money and Children

         My regular reader and critic, has warned me that my articles have correct opinions, that are useful but seem quite preachy and that it would be better if I gave examples, not ready-made conclusions.
         The critic is my daughter and since I trust the most the opinion of my children, I accepted the criticism appropriate, so I am going to give you example on the subject, and you can make your own conclusion.
         Serbia was a dark place in 1995.  The country was under embargo, the day-to-day life was very hard and a trip abroad was nearly impossible.
         Thanks to my friend, my children and I managed to join a school trip, going to Italy for the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Venice.
         My daughter was 12 years old ,  my son was 11. All I had was them and   800 DM savings. When I paid the travel expenses I was left with 350 DM for our stay in Italy.
        The children found the exhibition very exciting, there were many art installations and they were  flying from one to another. But ....
        The travel arrangement included only breakfast. Still the three of us were supposed to have  lunch and dinner for five days, shop windows were enticed children and me, but we had little money.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Your day with a school child

When your child starts school, the organization of the day for all family members must be changed to comply with his obligations. When he or she goes to school in the morning, the child must have breakfast. Meals should be varied, and dairy products are mandatory. If you are at home, prepare breakfast together, talk about everything but school. If you go to work early, prepare breakfast before, but in the afternoon, make sure that the child had eaten breakfast.                                                               
It is desirable to prepare fruit and candies for snacks. Fast food that kids buy in nearby stores, is unhealthy and creates bad habits. Choose fruits and candies which child likes to eat. If the school organized a snack, even better, prepare only fruits.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Personal teacher/Tutor

/Parents often hire personal teachers for their child. The reasons is vary: parents do not have enough time for their child or do not know how to motivate the child, child  has little success because the lazy, the child has poor performance for some subjects for which no preference ....
Whatever the reason, parents must choice tutor very careful. Whether we like it or not, private teacher comes into our house and can bring more harm than good.

Is your child ,really your future?

Answer yourself!
Calculate, how many years you will have when your child be 24 years old. If the average life- span is 75 years, calculate, how much will you live after your child turns 24 years old. You agree, that it is, about, one third of your life. Are you going to happy live the third of your life, while your child is capable of independent living or not, solely depends on you.
Your child is the your future.