Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why Math is Important?

The question of why math is important usually arises when children have learned how to count, add, substract, multiply, and divide; and they come to believe they know all they need to know to function adequately in life. After all, if one understands how to keep track of his own money, figure out what it means when a scale shows two additional pounds, or cut a cake so there'll be enough pieces for everyone, what else do we need to know?
The littlest children who don't like math can usually understand the explanation that knowing how to handle money, telling time, cooking, sharing things, or knowing how many of any item will be left if some are used, all require knowing math. Younger children can usually understand why it's important to know how to measure how tall something is or how heavy it is, and they can usually understand how doing things like wallpapering or hanging window shades call for knowing how to measure.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Starting kindergarten

Kindergarten is an exciting and critical time in your child’s development and growth. You can play an important role in this wonderful journey. Here’s what kindergarten teachers want parents to know:

    1.  Your job isn’t over when you drop your little one off at school; it has only just begun. Your child’s teacher wants to be your partner. Keep them informed about what goes on at home that might affect your child’s behavior or academic performance. Share with them how what they do at school affects your child at home.