Saturday, February 26, 2011


Although I love animals, I was against keeping dogs and cats in the home, for several reasons, mostly hygiene.
One day, my children, who were 14 and 15 years old at the time, brought home a puppy.  They found it in the building entrance. It was obvious that the pug had come into the world a few hours ago, it was helpless, it was cold outside and I could not refuse its entering our family.
First, we defined responsibilities. Their obligation was to walk dog, and I took care of the food.
Thus, the pet’s arrival to our house became a very useful educational process. 
 My children took their obligations very seriously. The evening of each they would talk about and agree on tomorrow’s schedule of commitments. If  they both were going to school in the morning, they would wake up an hour earlier to walk their pet. Depending on their obligations, they switched their terms. Later, when they started to travel independently, they would alternate their periods of absence, and if it happened that all three of us must be away, they would aske their friends to take care of the dog. Later, of course, they would return the service.   
Nevertheless, they had to make sure that the dog was not, in any way, jeopardizing the environment and people.
So, the pet taught my children to be disciplined and responsible, and contributed to the rapid development of their social intelligence.
The dog is still with us, it is 12 years old and in good condition.
 If your child loves animals and wants a pet, first explain him that it entails new obligations. If the child accepts them, allow. Be committed to the claim that obligations must be always fulfilled and on time.
 It will be very useful. The child will learn that the feeling of love is not enough, that they need to take a major effort to maintain and develop it.
Useful experience for interaction with other people as well, is it not?

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