Friday, June 24, 2011

Boycott of Chelsea Handler

On June 20, Chelsea Handler and her co-hosts attacked Serbia and the Serbian people on that evenings program of "Chelsea Lately." Along with Chris Franjola, Natasha Leggero, and Greg Proops, Ms. Handler for 3 straight minutes ruthlessly attacked Serbia and its people. The verbal attacks came after a clearly intoxicated Amy Winehouse "performed" in front of 20,000 people in Belgrade. After and during the performance, the people in attendance and state officials criticized Amy Winehouse, who had difficulty singing as a result of what would seem to be heroin usage. At this point, the attacks went from criticizing Amy Winehouse to attacking Serbia and its people.

The first comment made by Chris Franjola was that the concert was held in Serbia, and there are no rules there so it is not surprising that this happened. Ms. Handler then made the comment that she could not believe that they even allow Serbians to go to concerts, and that she did not even know that was going on over there. Greg Proops in trying to seem "intellectual' by knowing the lies spewed by the media, said that there was ethnic cleansing and genocide in Serbia (of which there is no basis for this claim) and that the Winehouse concert was worse than that. How comical is it to compare the Winehouse concert to any kind of ethnic cleansing or genocide? It is an absolute disgrace! He then later says that after Serbia, she is probably going to Kazakhstan, again not only demeaning the Serbian people, but also the Kazakh people, as well.

The worst comment by Ms. Handler came at the conclusion of the assault on the Serbian people. In implying that somehow Serbs should not use Facebook, Ms. Handler read the statement of Serbian Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac who said that the the concert was a shame and a disappointment. At this point, Ms. Handler says that "Guess what? So is your country," meaning that Serbia and its people are a shame and disappointment, as well. Chris Franjola then says that he thinks Minister Sutanovac was the guy who fought Rocky, after which Ms. Handler follows up by saying that "Dragan" is a Bolshevik name.

For the sake of trying to seem comical, these "comedians" have viciously attacked Serbia and its people. Their attempt at comedy has horrendously failed, and instead turned into outright hate speech! An attack such as this one on any other ethnic or national group would not be tolerated, but since it is Serbia and the Serbian people, it is allowed to pass without comment. WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN ANY MORE! We call on people from all ethnic groups and nations to boycott anything associated with Chelsea Handler and the E! channel until they issue a sincere apology to Serbia and the Serbian people at the beginning of one of her shows. If Chelsea Handler and the representatives from channel E! do not issue an apology to Serbia and all of the Serbian people, we will seek legal action in both civil and criminal court for a violation of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, and for the blatant hate speech on cable television. We must end the cycle of hatred, prejudice, and discrimination against all people of the world!


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Anonymous said...

You take life too's just comedy. I Love watching Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, shut the fuck up. It's a joke. Take the stick out of your ass.

Anonymous said...

I never watched this show but because it has your panties in such a bunch I am going going to have to check it out! So let me know how your "lawsuit" let alone your boycott goes.