Saturday, December 3, 2011

Let us Show Understanding for the Worries of Our Teenagers

The teen years are full of fun and freedom. As kids go from pre-teens to teens, they become excited to start high school, make new lasting friendships, learn to drive, and prepare for college.
However, there are many things that teens worry about as well. The following are some common teen problems that make them worry:

Peers and Fitting In
This is perhaps the most important, stress-inducing factor of the teen years. Fitting in and being socially accepted is important for most teens. In fact, many teens who are ousted or picked on in the high school years carry the emotional scars as result for many years. Where to eat lunch, who to hang out with, being accepted, and having friends are all common worries for teens.
Not only do teens want to fit in with their school, they want to fit in within their own peer groups as well. Even among friends (this is particularly true for girls), cliques can form and teens can be outcasts in their own groups as well. This is a common worry for teens.

School and College
School is a major part of your teen’s life. In high school, teens not only prepare themselves to get into college, but they also build friendships and place an importance on their social lives as well.
However, school can also be a worrisome time for teens. There are many school things that worry teens, some of which can have serious lasting effects.
The following are some of the most common school things that worry teens:
One of the main things teens worry about in school are their classes. There are a lot of pressures teens face in high school with regards to academics. Teens worry that their grades will not be high enough to get them into the college of choice. They also worry about their classes, whether their classes will be hard or easy, and having to take classes in areas they struggle in.
If your teen has serious worries with his or her classes or some of the subjects, you may want to help him or her by getting a tutor or someone who can help him or her understand difficult concepts or subjects.

Getting into College
High school is the time teens prepare for college, SATs, and ACTs. This can be a stressful time, particularly for teens who have a specific college they would like to attend in mind already.
You can help ease your teen’s mind about getting into college by helping him or her make a list of their top colleges, and then looking at what the requirements are to get in. If your teen is struggling to keep up his grades, consider getting them extra help in that subject. In addition, it is not a bad idea to take SAT and ACT prep courses.

In some cases, students have teachers they do not get along with, and this can cause worry for some teens, especially if they feel their grades are at stake or if they feel like they are being unfairly targeted.
Instead of jumping to your teen’s defense and going down to the school, encourage your teen to talk to his or her teacher if they are having problems. This is good practice for conflict resolution on the job and in later life.

More teens worry about the social aspects of high school than anything else. For teens, acceptance and fitting in are crucial parts of high school and being a teenager. Teens who don’t have many friends or who are the target of bullies, whether in their own social groups or from the school as a whole, can end up scarred emotionally for the rest of their lives. Teens worry about having friends, having the right friends, being liked, dating, and getting asked out to prom and other social events, to name just a few things.
Balancing Everything
High school is a busy time for teens. Between friends and social time, studies, homework, and extracurricular activities, finding the right balance can be a difficult thing.
You can help teens with this by helping them to prioritize. If their grades are suffering because of sports or outside activities, help your teen find things he or she can cut in order to focus more on school work.

When it comes to school, there are many things teens worry about, including schoolwork, getting into college, and friends. The above are a few of these things and how you as a parent can help your teen through their school worries.

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