Saturday, February 18, 2012

Your perfect graduation dress

You are on the cusp of graduating and have found a dress that you really like. Later, though, you may find that the dress does not show off your unique sense of style. By adding certain accessories and pieces, you can create a special look that's yours alone.

·      Decide what you can do to enhance the dress without ruining the material. Obviously, you do not want to dye the dress or sew something on it that you will remove after graduation. Find items and accessories that you can put on and take off the dress easily.

·         Add a sash or belt in a color that complements the dress. You might even consider a sash or belt in one of your school colors. Just wrap it around your waistline, or if your dress has an empire waist, wear it right below your chest. You can also wrap a scarf around your shoulders.

 Enhance your graduation dress with pins that you have received from either the high school or various extracurricular activities as rewards. Simply pin these items near the top of your dress to show off your achievements. This will give your dress a personal touch.

 Add a cropped sweater if you are wearing a sleeveless dress. Make sure the sweater is a thin material to avoid adding bulk to your look.

 Accentuate the dress with eye-catching jewelry, perhaps even vintage jewelry, if that's your style. Add complementary accessories to your hair. This works particularly well with a floral dress, as you can find a barrette or fake flower that matches the design on your dress. Wear shoes that complete the look.
Oher important tips:

1.Fully hips and tights - simplest way of balancing them to choose a dress that is not tight but slowly falls over the lower body. Even better if your dress has a deep neckline and bare shoulders, and will thus attract attention to them.

2. Thin or thick arms - of course here is the best choice of dress with long sleeves. You may achived similary if you add a shawl or bolero over a dress without sleeves.

3. If you are not tall - a good choice for you is elegant dress, without too many wrinkles or some "fresh" elements. Let the dress be in one color, highlighting your figure. Decide for velvety, delicate materials.

4. If you carry large numbers choose a simple dress, especially in a dark color. Black is the unmistakable choice, all look thinner in a black dress. In addition, if the dress is not short, you will look taller than you is.

5. If you have a problem about legs, you can look good without actually showing them. Instead of pants, choose a longer dress. If it made of finer material, you will look very elegant.

6. For broad shoulders, a good selection is strapples dress. You should not look for a dress that will cover them, but one that will highlight the second part of your body, or one with a prominent detail, such as bows. Of course, avoid pleated sleeves or straps.

7. If you have no middle, the problem will be solved by selecting dresses that cut the lower or higher than the waist. Especially if it is in two shades, or a combination of two materials.

8. If you have large breasts, choose a dress that tied around the neck, preferably with a wrinkled upper part. If the dress has a wide skirt, it will ill completely balance the breasts, bat not atached to you. Avoid necklaces as well as any decorations and accessories on top of the dress.

9. Small breasts - most formal dress is doing better on girls with small breasts, so they relly have not some problems in choosing dresses. However, if you want to increase the breasts, optical, choose a dress that has  a volume in this part, such as steering wheels, decorations and the like.

10. If you are too thin and you do not have curves, you will achieve femininity with clear colors and dark patterns. Extra details are pleated sleeves, wider skirt... Avoid materials that cling to you, and dresses that reveal a lot.

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