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Students on vacation should not learn anything

Psychologists’ advice: Students on vacation should not learn anything
Do not make your pupils and students read the obligatory school literature and prepare for the next school year. It’ summer vacation, they should socialize as much as possible, relax and play, say psychologists.
School psychologists should not recommend a holiday learning, nor should the parents impose on children private lessons and contents they are not interested in.
Children with specific developmental problems such as dyslexia, dysphasia, dysgraphia, etc., need to work continuously, but no more than an hour a day. Dynamics need to be determined with the help of experts who follow these children.

Radmila Grujičić, psychologist, says that children should play, stay outside and socialize with peers and parents.(Source Blic-online)
- Pupils are really overloaded with schoolwork. There are plenty of subjects and the program is extensive. They hardly come to socialize with peers, except in school and, possibly, for the weekend. During the break they need to compensate for that and they need to talk and play a lot. The rhythm of life is now such that, unfortunately, there is less time for socializing within the family. We simply miss each other. Summer holidays are an opportunity to compensate for that. All parents need to profit from during their holidays and, if they can afford it, travel with children. If they cannot afford to travel, they can, at least, walk together, go to the nearby resorts, of see an exhibition - advises Grujicic. It would be good, she points out, to leave the children with relatives in another place at least for a few days. Change is nice to everyone, and the separation of a few days from parents can help children become independent. Free programs, creative workshops, swimming schools, ect, which are organized during the holidays in most cities, should be used. They are free and help children fill the vacation with some content.
- The only problem is that there is no place for everybody, so children must be signed up on time. Parents can help a lot by informing themselves about the offered programs so that children can be enrolled on time - said Grujicic.
Whether children should be allowed to spend their summer break in front of the TV and computer, or they need to have their leisure time organized is an issue that troubles many parents. Psychologists advise that, at least at the beginning of the holidays, the children should be let do what they like, to hang out and have fun, and, if they so fervently desire, to watch the TV or play games to their heart’s content. However, it is not recommended that these are the only facilities that occupy children during the holidays, in this regard, parents should make limit the time of sitting in front of the screen.
Children often run out of ideas how to fill their free time, so in that sense, parents suggestions  are welcome. It is best to talk with your child in the end of each day and create a plan together of the activities for tomorrow. Of course, above all, the parents should respect the wishes of the child, while limiting the time spent watching TV and computer.

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