Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Research shows: Parents lie

According to a study in the United Kingdom, parents tell their children, on average, 3,000 'white lies' - just to get their own way - as their youngsters are growing up.
The most common lies are:
1. Father Christmas only comes to good little children (84 per cent)
2. Father Christmas only visits children who go to sleep (81 per cent)
3. Sitting too close to the TV makes your eyes go square (60 per cent)
4. Spinach makes you strong (48 per cent)
5. If you cross your eyes, the wind will change and they'll stay there (39 per cent)
6. An apple tree will grown in their tummies if they eat apple pips (27 per cent)
7. If children play with their privates too much, they will drop off (25 per cent)
8. The ice cream van only plays music to let children know it has run out of ice cream (22 per cent)
9. Eating crusts will put hair on your chest (22 per cent)
10.The police arrest children who swear (20 per cent
The majority of parents agreed their children usually stopped believing everything they were told without question by their eighth birthday.
But the study found that until then, youngsters absorb everything with 57 per cent repeating lies to teachers, friends and even family members.
Eight in ten parents said they often told little white lies to their children to protect them from the truth, whilst 46 per cent made lies up if they didn't know the real answer to a question.
And two thirds of the parents polled claimed they told lies only to encourage their children to behave nicely.

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