Saturday, July 23, 2011

Reading is really important!

Reading has a host of benefits - tangible and intangible and should in fact become a habit as common as bathing or eating.
1.      Reading can make us Smarter
Reading is a very active state exercise for our mind as opposed to watching TV or listening to music. Reading forces our brain cells to engage in activity as we paint a vivid image in our mind about the story that we are reading.
Our brain is also a muscle which must be worked on a regular basis as this will keep our mental faculties constantly engaged and thus keep us sharper and smarter.
2.      Reading can improve our Vocabulary and Language Skills
If we are a regular reader, we are bound to come across the works of various authors and will be exposed to several different literary styles. We will keep on learning new words, phrases, idioms and learn to use them in several different ways as well.
One handy tip for youngsters - Keep a dictionary handy. If you come across a new word you didn't know about, look it up immediately in the dictionary.
Keep reading new books, new genres, fiction, non-fiction, etc. Give yourself some variety and you will pick up some new words each day.

3.      Reading makes us Knowledgeable
Reading does make us knowledgeable. The more we read, the diverse books we read, each time we are adding valuable pieces of knowledge to our mental database.
Everyone knows how important it is to be knowledgeable to succeed in any area of life that we choose. It will perhaps be less surprising to learn that the most successful people in many walks of life would be the persons who are the most well read.
4.      Reading boosts Creativity
What is Creativity - It's the ability to identify unusual or novel connections to a given set of facts. Creativity requires the individual to be knowledgeable in several areas to be able to make these connections.
Creative individuals are generally masters in their area of expertise and very good readers and thus knowledgeable about several different aspects. This constant reading and ability to think out of the box helps them to see patterns, novel connections or new solutions where others are not able to relate.

Get your children to read at an early age. Read to them when they are younger. It will also help you bond with them much more. Get them to love reading and then the passion of reading will automatically take over. Once it becomes a habit and something that you love and you are crazy about, it will remain for a lifetime.
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