Sunday, July 17, 2011

Children's Birthday

Each family is special and every child is special, because your child's birthday should celebrate on your own, special way. This day is an opportunity to introduce a family birthday tradition, too.
Child’s birthday is definitely the best day of the year in one family. But perhaps as it is so important, it carries a certain amount of stress and unrest. Will everything be perfect, do you have the plan a birthday party details, will a gift appeal to the child, will small and large guests be satisfied?
Sometimes, in the rush around preparing and guests, we do not pay enough attention to our and child's fun. Let us use this day to be devoted solely to her/him and her/his needs.
Why do not we found some small fun rituals. There are chances are that someday a child will remember this and similar small items rather than on whether the house was arranged tip-top, whether the guests were delighted with the choice of food and drink, and similar details that , sometimes, too much burden on parents.
Here are some ideas ...
You can organize a midnight phone call. Ask someone to call at midnight and sing the birthday song and a happy birthday for your child.
It is common that the children receives gifts for their birthday, but you can suggest to them that they made small gifts of appreciation for each family member for their help in the previous year. They may prepare some small gifts for their guests at the celebration.
Put colorful paper tablecloths on the tables, on which little guests can write and draw.
Allow your child to imagine three wishes. Make two cakes, one large with a birthday candles, which will served to guests and one very small. A child conceives the first wish while blows candles on a big cake. Then bring a small cake and give the child to bite and imagine a second wish. Then give him some accessories for cutting, child imagines a third wish, while cut the first piece of big cake. More interesting would be if the child was deocorating a small cake, at one's discretion.
After the boy or girl who celebrate the birthday, put out candles on the cake, you can burn candles again and again to enable to all guests at the celebration blow candles.
Introduce a birthday scrapbook. Every year on the birthday party, all family members and guests should sign and write a birthday message. The scrapbook will be a precious keepsake of your child's life.
Each year, your daughter on her birthday, may wears mom's wedding dress. Take a picture and put it in a special photo album. The boy and girl may be photographed in front of dad and mom, and keep those photos in a special birthday album. Let the birthday child to leave the imprint of hands and feet on paper. Put its next to images. It will be a remarkable chronology of growing up.
If room was decorated by balloons, after the party, split away all the balloons and motivate children to release balloons to fly.

Talk to your child, I am sure you will think  more ways to make a memorable birthday party.

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Birthday Flowers said...

I really like the idea of getting the children to release the balloons to fly off. We always end up with them floating round the house for weeks after their birthdays! This way is much better!